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Insights into the local Vancouver Area.

Celebrating the Spectacular Seasons of Vancouver

Watching the maple leaves turn vibrantly red and gold, witnessing a profusion of pretty pink cherry blossoms, waking up to the first dusting of snow or walking carefree while barefoot on the beach in shorts and sunnies: who doesn’t want to live in or visit a city with four distinct seasons?

While locales with 365 days of sunny weather define destinations such as Honolulu or Los Angeles or Phoenix, it’s tough to compete with the variety and sheer drama of the changing seasons in Vancouver, situated on the coast of the Pacific Northwest where the breathtaking beauty of nature takes center stage. So come and discover what Vancouver has to offer in every single season: there’s a diversity and range of activities for the young and the young at heart paired with a panoramic vista of the nearby mountains and ocean. And the clincher? It’s all outside Lord Stanley Suites on the Park’s front door where it’s always pleasant just  to saunter or cycle around Stanley Park seawall in any season or if you’d prefer, get comfy on the sofa in front of the fireplace in your suite and take in the sweeping vista right outside your window. Come and explore the possibilities with us!