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Fun Family Bike Ride Around English Bay & Stanley Park

During the cold, wet winter months, most family activities tend to be limited to indoor pursuits but on those rare occasions when the sun finally pops out, it’s time to capitalize on the weather: why not pack up the kids and embark on a fun-filled bike ride to enjoy the scenic vistas along English Bay and Stanley Park!

Before leaving on your adventure, if you require bicycles, ask the friendly Front Desk staff to recommend one of many rental shops handily located along Denman St. just a few steps away from Lord Stanley Suites. Along English Bay, the bike lanes are clearly established and super easy to navigate; take the seawall route along the beach to capture a postcard-worthy ocean view for that requisite selfie. After cycling past the beach, don’t forget to stop off to visit one of the many world renowned public art pieces that punctuates the area; one in particular is Amazing Laughter by Yue Minjun: 14 larger than life figures laughing so hysterically that it’s down right contagious. Located just adjacent to Amazing Laughter is Luna, (the most widely viewed piece of public art in the winter for Lumiere Fest) that takes the shape of an orca whale created with 6,000 twinkling LED lights. And If you’re in the mood for a more peaceful yet equally scenic route, head over to Lost Lagoon where the majestic Jubilee Fountain puts on a show for it’s viewers. Happy cycling!