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Insights into the local Vancouver Area.

Look What’s Springing Up in Vancouver!

Springtime in Vancouver always offers a vibrant burst of colours from buds, blooms and blossoms in local gardens, public parks and on cherry tree-lined city streets.

Right outside Lord Stanley Suites on the Park, a perfectly pruned border of camellia with pink and red blossoms neatly frame our property, and if you venture a few blocks south towards English Bay, you’ll be rewarded with not only spring flowers but also a breathtaking ocean and mountain view.

Walk, saunter, stroll or cycle; if you investigate English Bay along Denman St, you’ll find a hub of activity now that we’ve shrugged off the winter chill. While you’re enjoying the profuse planting of yellow daffodils on the boulevard, don’t forget to visit the public art nearby including Amazing Laughter, a group of statues that is sure to put a smile on your face and the double Engagement rings further out along the beach. And if you look up, you’ll be rewarded with perfectly pink cherry blossoms just starting to bloom.

Other noteworthy destinations for some gorgeous plantings of spring florals including magnolias and rhododendrons are Stanley Park and David Lam Park, all located in downtown Vancouver. Whether you’re walking the dog, strolling the baby, going for a cycle or just sauntering outdoors, enjoy the splashy showcase of infinitely Instagrammable sensational spring blooms!