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Insights into the local Vancouver Area.

Vancouver aka Hollywood North is all abuzz!

Wherever you look, it’s hard not to miss the myriad of film crews along with their unmistakable convoy of white trucks lining the streets of numerous neighbourhoods signalling that yet another film or television series is being shot in Vancouver. And no wonder; there seems to be no shortage of stunning and diverse locations enticing high profile film makers to set up production across metro Vancouver. On any given day, there’s a slew of A-list actors hard at work honing their craft and rehearsing scenes, but the actual star of the show is one of the many Instagram-worthy Vancouver locations chosen to represent far flung locations: in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol, Vancouver Convention Center & Canada Place subs in as Bangalore, India; in The Age of Adaline, Vancouver Art Gallery and Chinatown represent San Francisco, California; in 50 Shades of Grey, Coal Harbour handily replicates Seattle, Washington; the soon to be released (at the time of this writing) hang on to your seats action-driven Skyscraper with The Rock Dwayne Johnson (who has gone public on various social media platforms declaring that Vancouver is one of his favourite cities in the world) featuring the Georgia Viaduct connecting downtown Vancouver to Chinatown as a metropolis in China, and this location also features prominently in Deadpool 2 where Vancouver finally gets to be Vancouver: extensive footage of West Hastings St in the heart of downtown Vancouver are also highlighted in key action-packed scenes featuring Vancouver’s hometown hero, Ryan Reynolds. Look out world, Vancouver is ready for her close-up shots!