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World’s Best Park: At our Doorstep

Stanley Park Vancouver, CanadaWhat is the world’s best park, according to TripAdvisor? It’s right here in Vancouver and located at the doorstep of Lord Stanley at the Park! You might have guessed Central Park in New York City or perhaps Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, but Stanley Park, just a stone’s throw away from us is clearly the hands down winner. With hundreds of thousands visits annually, this 1000 acre park is majestically situated just west of  the downtown core. Features include postcard perfect beaches, a world class aquarium, several fine dining establishments, breathtaking views and sweeping vistas, not to mention a scenic 5km seawall for cycling and strolling, it’s no wonder Stanley Park is the best park in the world.

And one of the best things about staying at Lord Stanley is that park access is as convenient as walking across the street! Insider tip: for a fun activity with kids, why not try the miniature railway or the horse drawn carriage rides? See our knowledgeable front desk staff for additional information.